Looking for some fun-packed activities? Look no further! We’ve got so many fun crafts for kids, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Check out the inspiring different themes and occasions,from animal world, seaside, star heroes and more, plus educational crafts and inventive techniques for little ones to explore. So many fun DIY crafts and so little time, make sure you don’t miss out on these great creative finds!

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FREE Craft Projects for Kids

Bubble wrap tree canvas
Dinosaur Bones
Tooth Fairy Box
Llama Finger Puppets
Pirate Tube Puppets
Solitary Bees Hotel
Mermaid Night Light
Make a Mummy
Aboriginal Dot Painting

Fill up your basket, you won’t want to stop when you see the amazing array in our arts and crafts shop. Children will love the fantastic selection and be itching to add so many things to their creative collection. Our arts and crafts for kids include so many hits; choose from yarn, paints, paper and card essentials, weaving, sand art, mosaic and easy-to-make kits. These are just a few, so you know what to do - scroll on down and have a browse through the page, our crafty must-haves will keep kids busy for days!