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Craft Activities

We stock a huge variety of craft activities for kids to keep them creative and busy! Our packs and kits offer an assortment of textures and materials to work with and a chance to learn skills such as colouring, sewing and assembling. From charm bracelet making to creating your very own robot mask, there’s something for every little creator.

Glass Painting

Browse our wide collection of glass painting crafts! Kids can use glass pens and paints to personalise glass blanks and more.

How-to Guides

Looking to master a new skill? Let us get you started in a new crafty pastime with the support of these how-to guides covering a variety of techniques. Just follow along step-by-step!

Inspiring creativity

Browse our Free Craft Hub for top trends, ideas, inspiration and how-to tutorials

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Craft Activities

At Baker Ross we live and breathe kids arts and crafts so you can trust us to provide the very best in non-screen entertainment.

Looking for some new kids arts and crafts? Then you’ll love Baker Ross’ extensive range of exciting and educational craft activities you can do at home. Packed full of opportunities for children to learn new skills, we can’t recommend fun activities like jewellery making, ceramic painting and wood craft more.

Creative crafts provide opportunities to learn and develop specific skills, such as sewing, colouring, painting, or assembling, which can boost a child's confidence and ability. You can nurture their love for learning by introducing new and enticing activities and make picking up a new skill a real joy.

Experimenting with different painting techniques, such as finger painting, splatter painting, or blow painting is one of the most fun creative crafts to start with. When we provide kids with the materials and freedom to explore their ideas and interests, we’ll watch their creativity blossom in front of our eye

To better help parents understand the projects and provide additional guidance we have hundreds of online video tutorials to accompany our craft kits. We explain and demonstrate the best creative activities for kids to try and make home crafts accessible for every parent.