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Gather inspiration from the great outdoors and shop our range of all-natural craft materials, fun nature-inspired craft kits and so much more. From shells to wood, bark and acorns, the possibilities are endless. Nature crafts and toys are a great way to bring the outdoors in and invite kids to explore the world around them.


Brighten their day with rainbow crafts and easy rainbow art ideas that make rainbow making a breeze!

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Nature craft activities for kids are a fantastic way to combine creativity, outdoor exploration, and a deeper connection to the natural world. We have lots of exciting seasonal crafts with a focus on nature to explore.

Designed to grow young children’s curiosity and intrigue, our outdoor craft range is there to stimulate their artistic potential while connecting with the natural world through a variety of nature craft activities.

Our selection of nature crafts are a fun gateway to a world of imagination and discovery. We stock every outdoor theme you could think of, from flowers, insects and garden crafts to trees, leaves and beautiful rainbows.

Help encourage the young explorers in your life to engage with the world around them by incorporating nature craft into their next activity with our all-in-one craft kits. It’s time to get inspired by the outdoors and the creatures who live there and get stuck into bug crafts, bee crafts and even owl crafts!

So, whether you're a teacher or a parent looking for a creative way to engage your children with the world's wonders, our nature-inspired craft kits are your passport to a world of endless possibilities. Let your imagination roam free, and let the great outdoors inspire your next masterpiece. Discover the joy of crafting with nature's finest offerings today.