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Faster Shopping

We regularly make improvements to our site to make shopping online with us easier and faster. We also develop our site to work as quickly as possible with all computers and browsers. However, there are important factors that can affect your shopping experience on bakerross.co.uk which are:
  • your browser
  • your internet speed
  • navigating the site efficiently
Below we outline the main things you can do to get the most out of shopping on our website.

Update your browser for speedier shopping
You can improve the time it takes to do your shopping online by updating your browser which you can do for FREE below.

Updating your browser lets you take advantage of all the improvements we make to our site. The latest generation of browsers improve both speed and security and make shopping online with us a more enjoyable experience.

Internet Explorer users will find the latest Internet Explorer provides a faster browsing experience than previous versions.

You can also try Mozilla Firefox, which is also compatible with older Operating Systems such as Windows XP
and Mac OS X.

Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Download Internet Explorer for Windows   Download Firefox for Windows  
      Download Firefox for Mac OS X  
Download Safari for Mac OS X   Download Chrome for Windows  

Your Internet Service Provider
To get the best shopping experience from our website we recommend a minimum broadband speed of 2mbps.

Browsing our site still too slow? This could be due to your Internet connection not being as fast as it should be. You can do a Bandwidth test on websites such as www.internet-speedtest.net which is a good way to find out if you are having intermittent problems or not receiving your maximum speed from you Internet Service Provider.

We suggest you contact your Internet Service Provider directly for more information and to address any connection issues.

CHECK REVIEWS before you buy
feefo Star Ratings are there to help you make an informed decision before using previous purchasers reviews on our products and service.
Reviews and Ratings are collected by FEEFO, an independent research company, from our customers about our products and service and then published on our site.