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Craft Kits

Baker Ross has been making enjoyable, skill building kids craft kits for decades, packed full of enjoyment and including all the main components you’ll need to enjoy fun-packed projects that are mess and fuss free!

Crafting is a fantastic way to engage children in creative activities and keep them entertained while also encouraging their artistic and problem-solving skills.

Our host of craft kits are both creative and educational, and come in the most popular themes. From dogs, bugs and butterflies to space and dinosaurs, there’s a perfect kids craft kit for your mini maker. Each activity kit is themed around specific holidays or seasons and include crafts like making Halloween masks, Christmas ornaments, or Easter egg decorating. These craft sets are perfect to have on hand as a rainy-day boredom buster or a group activity after school.

Craft sets are packed full of hours of creative enjoyment for people of all ages and skill levels. Each Baker Ross craft kit is versatile and offer so many fun possibilities, whether for artistic expression, practical crafting, or educational purposes. By providing high-quality, educational, and enjoyable craft kits for kids, Baker Ross has become a go-to resource for parents looking to engage their children in creative activities.

7 Products

7 Products