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Stone Painting Techniques

Stone painting is a really cost-effective way to entertain the children. You could use stones from the garden or the beach that have been collected on a family walk but give them a good wash in some soapy water first. If you don’t have any, simply order some online. That way you know they’ll be clean and smooth and ready to use.

Stone painting for kids

Once you suggest this activity to your children they’ll be eager to start. Luckily it won’t take long to get ready as the only other things you’ll need are some acrylic paints, a few brushes, maybe some varnish and of course lots of imagination and stone painting ideas. Acrylic paints dry quite quickly so it won’t take long for each coat to dry.

What kind of paint to use for stone art

Without a doubt the best stone paint to choose is acrylic paint. It adheres easily to the surface and holds up well to any knocks. This type of paint also tends to be quite vibrant and children will love seeing their colourful creations once they have dried.

Top Tip

If using dark stone paint white first. To ensure good coverage and the need for fewer layers of paint, add a blob of white acrylic paint to your chosen colour first and mix well.

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How to paint stones?

  • • Take a smooth, clean stone
  • • Add a basecoat of white Deco Acrylic Paint all over
  • • Leave to dry
  • • Add your chosen colour and leave to dry
  • • Sketch a design using a pencil for guidance
  • • Use deco pens or glitter pens to add detail
  • • Add a coat of Acrylic Satin Varnish to seal

Do you have to prime stones before painting?

It is not vital to prime the stones before painting. If you have smooth stones the paint should adhere well, however if you prefer you could add a base layer of white acrylic paint first to ensure a good finish.

Make your own stone painting primer

If your stones are not smooth you can easily make your own primer by adding some glue and water to your acrylic paint. Use this for the white base coat then once it’s dry paint with any colour you want.

Likewise it is not necessary to add varnish at the end but doing so will help to protect the surface. This is advisable if you are thinking of leaving the stones outside in the elements.

For lots of great stone painting inspiration check out these helpful tips and ideas on the Creative Station section of our website. Follow the simple steps there and use the accompanying photos to guide you.