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Would you like to join our Baker Ross Influencer Community?

We love to work with people who share our passion for arts and crafts.

This programme welcomes new and existing influencers with a minimum following of 2500 to join on a gifted basis for an upcoming campaign.

Here’s what you need to do:

STEP 1 – Register your interest by filling out the form below and telling us about yourself.

STEP 2 – The Baker Ross Influencer Team will review your application.

STEP 3 – If you are accepted onto the programme, you will receive an email from our team. This will include a short brief with everything you need to know about the upcoming brand campaign we’d like you to be a part of.

STEP 4 – Based on the success of the collaboration, you may be invited to work with us on a paid and regular basis in the future.

Quotes and creations from our influencers


“All my collaborations with Baker Ross have been enjoyable and smooth sailing. We love working with you.”




“We have loved the campaigns that we have taken part in with Baker Ross.”




“We think your program is brilliant as it is and have loved working with you this year.”