Retro String Art Canvas

This popular technique of wrapping thread around pins creates some impressive retro-inspired geometric pattens. Perfect for hanging on the wall for a retro-inspired and homely feel.

Retro String Art Canvas

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 Hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Take a large canvas and paint it black.
  2. Once it is dry turn it over.
  3. Now cut a sheet of foam board to fit in the back of the canvas and stick it in.
  4. Then stick another sheet of foam board on top of the last and let it dry.
  5. Print off the template and lay it over the canvas.
  6. Press in the pins into each marked spot.
  7. Do each of the spirals in a different colour pin to make it easier to keep track of threading.
  8. Start by tying the thread onto one of the middle pins then wrap it around the two other coloured central pins to make a triangle.
  9. After you have a triangle continue round in a clockwise direction moving each time one pin over on each spiral. For example, Green1- pink 2- Red 2 –green 2- pink 3 -red 3 -green 3 etc.
  10. When you reach the last pin tie the thread in a double knot and snip off any ends.
Retro String Art Canvas Retro String Art Canvas Retro String Art Canvas

Top Tip

Use a compass to make the holes for the pins if it’s too tough to press them into the canvas.



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