Retro Melted Crayon Canvas

Have a go at creating this piece of art using the medium of melted wax. Each canvas will be completely unique. This fun and easy craft activity creates a masterpiece you can proudly hang on any wall in your home!

Retro Melted Crayon Canvas

Skill Level


Time to Make

40 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Soak the crayons in warm water until the labels are easy to remove.
  2. Dry the crayons off.
  3. Paint a canvas black and let it dry fully.
  4. Arrange your crayons at the top of your canvas to work out the design you want.
  5. Stick the crayons on one by one using super tacky and leave to dry completely.
  6. Prop up your canvas on a suitable surface.
  7. Use a hairdryer or heat gun (WITH AN ADULT) to slowly melt the crayons until they begin to drip down the canvas.
  8. Once you have the desired effect let the wax set before moving your canvas.
Retro Melted Crayon Canvas Retro Melted Crayon Canvas Retro Melted Crayon Canvas

Top Tip

Prop the canvas up but lay slightly back to melt the crayons as its easier to control the drips.

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