Decorative Lace Print Plate

Create an elegant addition to any room with these hand made lace print decorative clay bowls.

Decorative Lace Print Plate

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 minutes

How to Make

  1. Place a large piece of cotton fabric onto the surface you’ll be using to roll your clay. Place a guide on either side of the clay block and start to slowly roll the clay out, turning over regularly to ensure an even roll. Keep rolling and turning until you reach your desired size (big enough to cover the bowl or plate you are moulding in). A depth of 5mm-10mm will work best with this air dry clay.
  2. Lay the lace on top of the clay slab gently and arrange into your desired position. Once you are happy with its position, roll over the top, applying gentle pressure to press the lace design into the clay. Carefully remove the lace to reveal your design.
  3. Place the plate or bowl you are using as a mould upside down onto the slab gently, and use a knife to cut around the shape. Remove the plate or bowl. Store any clay scraps in an airtight container to avoid it drying out.
  4. Carefully lift the clay circle onto the fabric and place into the mould. Very gently press it into the plate or bowl to create a curved base.
  5. Smooth the edges where necessary with a soft brush and a little water and allow to dry in the mould for 24-48 hours.
  6. Use a nail file to sand any rough edges.
  7. Paint the bottom of the piece with acrylic or chalk paint in a complementary colour.
Decorative Lace Print Plate Decorative Lace Print Plate Decorative Lace Print Plate

Top Tip

If you find little air bubbles while rolling it your clay, use a cocktail stick or needle to pop them and roll over the top to seal it.

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