Rose Clay Coil Jewellery Dish

Are you looking for somewhere special to hold your rings and knick-knacks? Create this one-of-a-kind jewellery dish to store all your special bits and bobs!

Rose Clay Coil Jewellery Dish

Skill Level

Medium - Hard

Time to Make

2 hours, drying time of 1-2 days

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Take a medium size bowl and line it with cling film.
  2. Roll clay into a 1cm thick circle, use a sharp tool to neaten the circle then place it in your bowl. Press down on the areas to neaten up the clay bowl- making sure it fits well. You can use water to thoroughly smooth it out.
  3. Roll out a long sausage shape around 0.5cm thick and coil it into a spiral. Using the crosshatch method, adhere the spiral to the middle of your bowl
  4. Add small spirals around the centre spiral till completed. Place small beads of clay in the space between the spirals to fill it out.
  5. To create the rose, take a small piece of clay around 3cm long and 1cm height and flatten it in your hands then roll it – this will be the spiral centre of the rose. To add the petals around the rose, take small amounts of clay and flatten it in your hands again to create realistic shaped petals, add it around the centre of the rose adhering them with water and mesh the bottom of the petals to the base of your bowl.
  6. Allow the bowl to dry for 1-2 days – it will turn white when fully dried. Then paint the bowl any colour you like. I went for a blue with a pink rose and green leaves for a realistic effect. Finish your project with our brush-on varnish for a glossy finish.
Rose Clay Coil Jewellery Dish Rose Clay Coil Jewellery Dish Rose Clay Coil Jewellery Dish

Top Tip

When making the rose petals, be sure to thing out the tips of the petals to create that natural, realistic look!

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