Cross Stitch Butterfly Brooch

This intricate 3D brooch is a unique fashion accessory that really stands out from the crowd. Use our FREE template to help you create this fun project!

Cross Stitch Butterfly Brooch

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 day or a few evenings

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

To cast on: Insert it into the back of the fabric to make your first stitch. Hold an inch tail of the thread at the back of your fabric. As you make your first stitches, be sure to catch the thread at the back within it to secure it in place.

To cast off: When you need to use a new thread or if you’ve come to the end of your design, make the last stitch as you usually would, then run the needle through the back of the last few stitches.

Begin by cutting your mesh. Follow the pattern count for the dimensions. Draw this onto the mesh before cutting it out.

  1. Thread your needle and starting on an edge cast on.
  2. Following your chosen butterfly patten (or one of your own) make a half stitch or a cross stitch in each coloured square changing colour as needed.
  3. Once you have completed each side of your design hold them flat together so that the sides match up.
  4. Sew them together using a whip stitch joining them where the butterflies body would be.
  5. The rest just use whip stitch around the edge of the individual wings.
  6. Once you have your complete butterfly sew on a badge pin to the underside of the butterfly.
Cross Stitch Butterfly Brooch Cross Stitch Butterfly Brooch Cross Stitch Butterfly Brooch

Top Tip

Trim down to a flat edge when cutting your mesh canvas and it will make it much easier to sew without the thread getting caught.



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