Skull Necklace

A funky necklace to wear during Day of the Dead and Halloween celebrations…. or indeed anytime!

Skull Necklace

Skill Level


Time to Make

45 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Take a quarter of a block of white polymer clay, warm in your hands and knead between the fingers until soft and mouldable.
  2. Mould the polymer clay into the shape of a skull.
  3. Knead a piece of black polymer clay as before and shape into a top hat. Piece a hole with a cocktail stick at the top of the hat, large enough to thread a piece of black elastic or cord through.
  4. Roll a piece of red polymer clay thinly and attach it around the brim of the top hat. Affix the hat to the top of the skull.
  5. To create the floral shaped eyes, roll two small balls of yellow polymer clay and flatten. Scallop the edges and draw petals with a modelling tool to form a flower head shape. Roll two small balls of black FIMO slightly larger than the flowers, and flatten. Place a yellow flower in the centre of each black polymer clay circle. With a fine tip black marker add a black dot in the centre of each yellow flower for the iris.
  6. For the mouth, roll a small piece of yellow into a rectangle shape, and with a modelling tool carve out teeth. With a fine tip black marker outline the mouth and teeth.
  7. Roll out a tiny piece of red polymer clay and cut out a heart shape with modelling tool. Outline the heart with a fine tip black marker.
  8. Now stick the eyes, nose and mouth onto the white skull.
  9. Place the finished pendant onto a piece of baking parchment on a baking sheet and let it harden in the oven following the manufacturer’s instructions. polymer clay will only be completely hardened when cooled down to room temperature.
  10. If desired, when completely cool apply a coat of epoxy glue or Acrylic Satin Varnish. Leave to dry.
  11. Cut a piece of black elastic to the desire length and thread through the hole in the top of black top hat, and tie a knot in the elastic to form a necklace.
Skull Necklace Skull Necklace Skull Necklace

Top Tip

Pierce a hole slightly larger than width of neck cord as bead holes may shrink when baked in the oven