Vine Star Garland

Hang this on a wall, drape along a mantle or even decorate your tree with this natural garland.

Vine Star Garland

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour 45 minutes plus glue drying time

How to Make


  1. Take 2 gold and 1 red berry and form a cluster by twisting their stems together. Make 8 clusters.
  2. For a 3 Cone Cluster – Take a cone and place a berry cluster along it, berries slightly higher than top. Stick nearer base of cone using hot glue. Stick another cone onto the cluster, cone bases together and covering the stem part of berry cluster. Add another cone by sticking in-between the 2. You should have a part of the berry stem hanging from the base of the cluster which you will use to twist around the twine. Make 2 more of these.
  3. For a 2 cone cluster – make as before but only using 2 cones. Make 6 of these.


  1. Cut a length of jute twine 2.50m. Loop one end and knot it.
  2. About 5cm from the loop knot take the 3 cone cluster and entwine the stem with the twine. With the round nose pliers bend the end of the stem round into the cluster so no ends poke out.
  3. Thread through a vine star, (that will be the back of your star), and space about 5cm from the pine cluster. Apply a small dot of hot glue onto the back of the star catching the twine. This will stop the star from sliding along the twine.
  4. Take a 2 cone cluster and attach onto twine, again about 5cm away, in the same way as the 3 cone cluster. Continue alternating vine stars and 2 cone clusters, evenly spacing out. The 3 cone cluster will be the last one to attach. Tweak any berries cones and stars if needed.
  5. Loop the end and tie a knot. The garland is complete.
Vine Star Garland Vine Star Garland Vine Star Garland

Top Tip

Work on a flat surface to make it easier to insert the stars and entwine the pine cone clusters. Also you will be able to see your spacing when adding them to the garland.

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