Festive Embossed Clay Decorations

Have fun creating these cute festive clay decorations for your tree using everyday items to create unique embossed effects.

Festive Embossed Clay Decorations

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour plus drying time for paints & 24-48 hours drying time for the clay.

How to Make

  1. Working with a small piece of clay at a time, (so not to dry it out), knead in your hand a little before rolling out with a rolling pin. This helps the clay become less sticky. Roll no thinner than 0.5cm
  2. Take whatever you have chosen to emboss the clay and press carefully but with enough pressure to leave a clear mark.
  3. Choose a festive cookie cutter or cut a freehand shape, cut into clay ensuring you take partial or all of the embossing into the shape.
  4. Carefully pierce a small hole at the top of the decoration for the hanging string, using a pointed object. Pierce through front & back to have a clear hole.
  5. If the edges or the decoration are a little rough, smooth down by wetting your finger and gently rubbing & smoothing.
  6. Place decoration onto a sheet of tracing paper/baking parchment to dry. The paper will stop it sticking to the surface. Ensure the decoration is as flat as can be to avoid it curling during drying.
  7. Repeat the process for further decorations. Allow the clay to dry between 24 – 48 hours, turning over to allow the underside to fully dry too.


  • The clay dries an off white colour. You can keep the “natural” look or paint with white acrylic paint to brighten the decoration which will show off the embossing or even have a combination of both.

    1. Paint the whole gingerbread man in gold metallic acrylic paint. Apply well and allow to dry.
    2. Thread gold 4mm ribbon through the hole & knot.


    1. Paint in white acrylic paint, front and back & give at least 2 coats. Allow to dry between coats.
    2. Decant a small amount of red metallic acrylic paint in a paint tray and dab a small sponge in it. Do not saturate sponge.
    3. Dab the sponge over the embossed pattern gently but covering the raised pattern.
    4. With a fine detail brush and red metallic paint, paint in the wording.
    5. Cut a red 4mm ribbon length, thread through hole and knot.


    1. Paint the whole decoration in white acrylic paint. Give at least 2 coats and allow to dry between coats.
    2. Make a glue/water mix and paint the middle of the decoration. Sprinkle white iridescent glitter over.
    3. Paint over the glitter with the glue mix to fix the glitter.
    4. Using the green Giotto metallic décor pen colour the foliage using light strokes.
    5. Stick alternate small and medium acrylic gems at the end of each stem all the way around.
    6. Thread a 4mm white ribbon length through the hole and knot.


    1. Paint the whole decoration in white acrylic paint. Coat twice allowing the paint to dry between coats.
    2. Paint the embossed snowflakes with the silver metallic acrylic paint and a fine detail brush. Allow to dry.
    3. Make a glue/water mix and paint the border of the tree, sprinkle with the pewter colour glitter and then shake off excess. Allow to dry.
    4. Paint over the decoration with the acrylic satin varnish to seal and fix the glitter.
    5. Thread a 4mm silver ribbon length through hole and knot.
    Festive Embossed Clay Decorations Festive Embossed Clay Decorations Festive Embossed Clay Decorations

    Top Tip

    Rolling the clay out too thin can lead to cracking & breaking once dry. Roll no thinner than 0.5cm. Seal your artwork with a coat of acrylic satin varnish.

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