Scandi-Style Wreath

Create your own Scandi inspired Christmas wreath using wool and felt.

Scandi-Style Wreath

Skill Level


Time to Make

2 hours plus glue drying time

How to Make

  1. Stick 2 craft wreaths together (ensuring hanging holes align at top) with PVA for extra sturdiness. Allow to dry.
  2. Draw 1cm in from inner circle and cut out. Divide your wreath in 8 equal sections, draw these lines. These will be your guidelines for when wrapping wool around wreath.
  3. Starting with the red wool and at the top, stick end of wool down at back of wreath with a bead of super tacky glue. Wrap the wool around the first section keeping the wool tight and ensuring there is no gapping. Continue like this until you get to the end of the section and turn your wreath over. Place a bead of super tacky glue against the previous row and stick down the last row of wool and cut exactly to edge.
  4. Using the white wool for the next section repeat as Step 3 and continue alternating wool colours all the way round the wreath. Allow to dry.
  5. Draw your festive shapes onto paper or light card to use as a template when transferring onto red felt. Cut the felt shapes out and stick onto the white sections of wool.
  6. Cut a white rectangle piece of felt 18cm x 17cm and a strip 3cm x 11cm (This will be the bow and bow tab)
  7. Using the glue gun run a bead line along one of the long edges of the white felt rectangle and stick over the edge, overlapping by 1cm.
  8. Take the red 10mm width satin ribbon and cut to the same length as white felt strip. Stick the ribbon centrally onto felt strip using super tacky glue. Allow to dry.
  9. Cut 4, 22cms lengths of red 10mm width satin ribbon. Lay the 4 lengths equally spaced onto the bow and stick down, again with a thin bead of tacky glue tucking in the ends into the bow. You may need to weigh down or use clips to hold ribbons at ends of bow until glue dries.
  10. Take the bow and scrunch it down the middle. Stitch and tack stitch to hold it in place. Wrap the tab tightly around the middle bow and pin ends together. Slip stitch the tab closed.
  11. Cut a white felt strip 3cm x 23cms and a red satin ribbon length 12cms. Stick the ribbon centrally onto the felt strip and allow to dry. Cut the strip in half and mitre an end of each creating the bow ties.
  12. Cut a 35cm length of 4mm white satin ribbon and feed it through the hanging hole of the wreath. Tie a knot.
  13. Lay wreath flat and take the tie pieces of the bow and stick using glue gun in an upside down V, just below the hanging hole.
  14. Place the bow centrally on top of the ties and stick down. Ensure hanging ribbon is taught as bow sits on top. Allow glue to dry.
  15. Stitch the 3 jingle bells at bottom of the wreath.
Scandi-Style Wreath Scandi-Style Wreath Scandi-Style Wreath

Top Tip

The inner circle is smaller than the outer circle so keep the wool tighter together when wrapping the inner circle.