Rattan Poinsettia Wreath

Add a little tradition with this rustic wreath and its inviting red poinsettia, pine and berry spruce.

Rattan Poinsettia Wreath

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 ½ hours plus drying time for glue.

How to Make

  1. Trace around flower petal templates & transfer onto red felt, then cut them out. Take a petal and gently fold in half at base. Put a small dot of hot glue in at crease and pinch together allowing glue to dry. Do the same for the rest of the petals.
  2. Lay the flower base flat and position the petals between the base petals glued, ends in middle. Take one petal at a time and put small bead of hot glue along spine of the back of petal. Stick down. Continue with other 4 and allow glue to dry.
  3. Take 4 beads and stick in middle of flower between petals. Make sure they are grouped together.
  4. Take the rattan wreath and lay flat. Take the flower and stick (using hot glue) centrally at right side.
  5. To the left and right of the flower insert an artificial pine branch in between the rattan. If the stem pokes out, bend it through to the back using craft pliers.
  6. Insert 2 more branches above the flower and 3 at the bottom following the curve of the wreath. Secure them if they are loose.
  7. Take 3 red berries and twist their stems together to form a cluster. Make 3 more of these.
  8. Insert one of the berry clusters just below the flower but at the start of the pine branches. Leave a gap between flower and berries, there stick down 2 pine cones, bases together.
  9. At the top of the flower, around inner circle of the wreath, insert 2 berry clusters, one above the other. On the other side, above the flower stick 2 pine cones one above the other.
  10. Take a green and red mini bauble and untie the knot on the hanging string. Thread each one individually on wreath at the top so they hang at different lengths.
  11. Lastly, cut a piece of jute twine 45cm long, fold in half and thread through the wreath at the top. Knot the hanging twine and conceal the knot at back of the wreath.
Rattan Poinsettia Wreath Rattan Poinsettia Wreath Rattan Poinsettia Wreath

Top Tip

When pushing through stems of pine branches and berries into wreath, secure them by bending the wire with craft pliers at the back of the wreath.