Sunprint Snowflake Cards

Try making some unusual Christmas cards using light-sensitive paper. Every print is different and with endless possibilities for creating beautiful patterns.

Sunprint Snowflake Cards

Skill Level

45 minutes + drying time for paper

Time to Make


How to Make

  1. Before you start, prepare a container filled water and select some mini snowflakes for making your design. Have a kitchen timer or stopwatch ready. Take the Sun Print paper out of the packaging away from direct sunlight, ideally indoors in a darker area.
  2. Arrange the snowflakes onto the paper, with the blue side up, then as quickly as possible expose to sunlight for up to 3 minutes, or until the blue paper turns almost to white then quickly move the paper away from sunlight. Timings may be between 1-5 minutes, depending on the strength of sunlight. Do not overexpose. Tip off the snowflakes and rinse the paper immediately in water for about 1 minute. Dry flat.
  3. When the paper is completely dry, cut the snowflake prints into squares, circles or rectangles. Stick them onto folded background cards. Try cutting around the edge of an individual snowflake sun prints to make add-on embellishments for your card, or stick gems or snowflake stickers for sparkly details.
Sunprint Snowflake Cards Sunprint Snowflake Cards Sunprint Snowflake Cards

Top Tip

For making the best images, wait for a bright day when there is some direct sunlight to make prints. If it is windy outside, set up your paper on a sunny windowsill, so the wooden snowflakes and other objects don’t move. You can also use the sheet of perspex supplied with the kit to hold objects in place if they are all the same level. Experiment with other objects to make Sun Print designs. Small beads can be placed around the snowflakes to make a snowy pattern.