3D Christmas Window Cards

Ready-made craft boxes are any easy way to create your own magical Christmas scenes in frames

3D Christmas Window Cards

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour + drying time for glue and paint

How to Make

    For the 3D frame, paint the lid section of a mini craft box on the inside and outside, then leave it to dry. Use any shape of box, depending on your design.

    Snowy House Scene:

  1. Use the corner of a square craft box lid to make a little house. Cut the lid in half to make a triangle, measure 2.5cm down from the top point of the triangle on both sides then cut into the box. Cut the front of the box into a house shape, making the sides 1.5cm from the base of the roof and 3.5cm across the bottom.
  2. Cut pieces of leftover card to fit on the sides of the house, then glue in place. Cut a corner section from the leftover box to make an overhanging roof with the sides 3cm in length.
  3. Use a small piece of thick card or print a door and windows onto the front of the house, or paint with a brush. Leave to dry. Glue a thin layer of cotton wool onto the roof.
  4. Glue the lid onto a folded card with a printed snowy background scene, then glue the house inside the painted lid. Glue a small piece of cotton wool around the base of the house.

Christmas Tree Window :

  • For the window frame, cut a piece of coloured card, making it 1-2mm bigger than the box lid on all sides. Carefully cut out the middle with a craft knife leaving a 4mm border. Cut 2 card strips for the middle of the window then stick in a cross with ends glued to the frame. Add 2 strips of patterned paper for curtains. Leave to dry.
  • Cut out a Christmas tree shape from green card, check it will fit inside the lid. Decorate the tree with gems or other small embellishments. Fold over the base of the tree and glue it to the inside edge of the box lid. Glue the window frame over the top. Leave to dry.
  • Cut a card strip for a windowsill, extending out 5-6mm from the edge of the frame. Glue the windowsill to the base of the frame then glue the whole frame onto a folded background card. Lightly brush glue over the edge of the windowsill and the top of the window then press down a thin layer of cotton wool.
  • 3D Christmas Window Cards 3D Christmas Window Cards 3D Christmas Window Cards

    Top Tip

    Add a sprinkle of white glitter to your snowy scenes for some Christmas sparkle. The easiest way to fix the glitter is with a light application of spray glue over the cotton wool, masking any areas with a scrap paper where you don’t want the glitter to stick.