Bark Tree & Star Cards

These cards combine muted colours, natural materials and paper quilling for a simple Rustic effect.

Bark Tree & Star Cards

Skill Level


Time to Make

45 minutes + drying time for glue.

How to Make

  1. For making the card background, tear off a piece of white tissue paper slightly bigger than A4 size, crinkle it into a ball then unfold it. Lightly brush glue over a piece of white card, place the tissue over the top then press it flat leaving a crinkled pattern on the surface. Leave to dry. Repeat with a piece of dark blue or purple tissue paper, so you have 2 different coloured backgrounds to use.
  2. Lightly brush silver paint over the card to highlight the tissue paper crinkles. Cut a rectangle from the card 11cm x 22cm then fold in half. Stick 2 smaller squares cut from the white and blue card in the middle of the folded card make a layered background.
  3. Very lightly brush white paint over a bark star or tree to highlight the surface texture. Glue it onto the card background. Leave to dry.
  4. Cut a strip of Papyrus Paper 5mm x 15cm. Hold one end of the strip against a cocktail stick or skewer, then wind it around to make a tight coil. Carefully slide the paper off the stick. Glue the end of the strip and hold it until the coil shape has stuck together. Glue the coil into the middle of the bark decoration.
  5. For the background layers, you could also try glueing a card square onto a piece of hessian with frayed edges, or use the papyrus paper.
Bark Tree & Star Cards Bark Tree & Star Cards Bark Tree & Star Cards

Top Tip

To decorate a bark tree, make the quilled coils in a smaller size. Glue the tree onto a simple snowy landscape made from torn tissue paper.