Polar Bear Cards

These friendly stand-up polar bears are simple to make and fun to dress up in patterned scarves and bobble hats!

Polar Bear Cards

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

How to Make

  1. Draw the outlines for the bear’s body and arms onto white card then cut them out. Glue the arms onto the back of the body.
  2. Cut out a small grey oval for the nose, stick it in the middle of the bear’s head. Draw in the eyes, mouth and nose details with a black pen, or use a black paint with a fine brush.
  3. Cut out patterned pieces of paper for the scarf and hat. Fold the ends of the scarf around the body onto the back. Glue the pieces in place.
  4. To make a pompom, hold your first and second fingers together then wrap 1 metre of embroidery thread around them into a series of loops. Slide the thread off your fingers and tie another piece of thread around the middle, cut the loops on both sides to make a loose pompom then trim the ends on both sides to make a smaller ball-shape. Stick the pom pom onto the hat with a sticky dot or foam pad.
  5. Cut out the iceberg shape from blue card. Very lightly brush glue over the top, sprinkle with white glitter, then shake off the excess and leave to dry.
  6. Fix the bear onto the iceberg with sticky dots or foam pads. To make a stand for the back, cut a 6cm x 10 card strip, fold over 2 cm at one end then stick it to the back of the bear’s body.
Polar Bear Cards Polar Bear Cards Polar Bear Cards

Top Tip

For the bear to stand up straight, position the card strip on the back with the end overhanging the base of the iceberg by 1cm. If the bear leans back too much, adjust the strip so it overhangs the base a bit more.