Mum Floral Birthday Wishes

Making this card will test your skills in intricate paper cutting but the results are worth it.

Mum Floral Birthday Wishes

Skill Level


Time to Make

90 minutes plus drying time for glue & paint

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut an apricot piece of board card, 30cm x 15cm. Mark the centre and score. Fold in half.
  2. Draw a circle 8.5cm in diameter on the pink pearlised card, (Use a circular object such as a small lid if it helps). Cut with a craft knife.
  3. On tracing paper, draw the climbing foliage ensuring it is as long as the card and then transfer it onto green pearlised card.
  4. Also, on the tracing paper draw a small flower with several petals. See image of card.
  5. Take a piece of apricot board, big enough to fit 4 flowers and colourwash an ombre effect with watercolour paint in shades of yellow ochre, burnt sienna, peach orange & gamboge hue. Allow to dry.
  6. Transfer the flower onto the painted card giving you 4 flowers, ensuring you get the ombre effect throughout each flower. Cut the flowers using either a craft knife or precision scissors.
  7. Using the gold metallic acrylic paint, lightly brush onto the tips of the petals, just enough to give a shimmer. Allow to dry then stick a mini pearl in the centre.
  8. Take the pink circle, cut previously, and position just off centre towards the left side of the front of the card and stick down.
  9. Using super tacky glue, stick down the foliage on the left side of the card. The base of the stem should line up with the bottom of the card.
  10. Position painted & jewel flowers on the card front & arrange until you are happy with the layout. Stick down.
  11. To create the sentiment topper cut an apricot piece of card 8cm x 4.5cm & a pink pearlised piece 7cm x 3.5cm. Apply double sided self-adhesive to the back of both pieces then stick the pearlised card onto the apricot card leaving an even boarder all around.
  12. Using the MUM template cut out the letters from the green pearlised card.
  13. Write the “birthday wishes” sentiment using a felt pen. Allow to dry to avoid smudging. Stick the MUM lettering centrally underneath. Allow to dry.
  14. Turn over the topper & place self-adhesive dots to each corner. Stick centrally onto card.
Mum Floral Birthday Wishes Mum Floral Birthday Wishes Mum Floral Birthday Wishes

Top Tip

Cutting with a craft knife gives clean, precise lines but if scissors work best for you, a small precision pair will work best for intricate cutting.

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