Dad Starry Birthday Wishes

Let the stars come out with this pop out card which uses different techniques to make it stand out from the rest.

Dad Starry Birthday Wishes

Skill Level


Time to Make

2 hours plus drying time for glue.

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Use the template provided for all the measurements you need to make the main card using board card, right side up to draw your card. Cut the card using a craft knife and score the fold lines. Rub out all pencil lines. Fold the card in a zig zag with panel 1 being at the front
  2. Working on the wrong side of the glitter card, draw the 3 panels using the template given for measurements and guidance. They must be drawn as the templates. Do not flip over.
  3. Cut self-adhesive paper the same size as the 3 panels and stick onto the back of the glitter panels but do not peel off the backing.
  4. Use the foam stars to draw around onto the blue & teal glitter cards to make the stars. Cut out with a craft knife. Use different sizes and double up on every star as you will encase the craft wire between them.
  5. Taking a piece of silver wire, around 20cms long, starting with the top, stick a card star with a silver foam star ensuring wire is encased between the 2. If using 2 card stars, stick with tacky glue. Make different combinations, e.g. have a blue card star stuck onto a silver foam star. Also you can layer different size stars. You can make a wire with 3 small stars, or a large and 2 small stars. Do not put more than 3 stars on a wire.
  6. Make around 6-8 wires and then pair them up by twisting the wire together.
  7. Lay the full card flat, right side up. Starting at panel 1, top left corner, lay your first star stem. Stars should hang off the card while the wire stem is on the card. If the wire stem is too long cut it away with wire cutters. Cut a double sided tape tab to stick the wire end down. Use more if it is not secure. Peel the backing from the glitter card panel 1 and stick onto panel 1 leaving an even border all around. Ensure it is stuck down well over the wire.
  8. Next, on panel 3 place a star stem about 3cm down on the right hand side. Take another star stem and place it directly below. Repeat as panel 1 for securing the stars and sticking down glitter panel 3
  9. Flip the card over carefully and lay flat. Repeat what you have done for panels 1 & 3 for panel 2. Stick a star stem at top left corner.
  10. Trace the “Happy Birthday Dad” words from template and transfer onto glitter card. Cut using a craft knife. Alternatively, if you have a die cutting machine and dies use that to cut the words you need.
  11. On top of panel 3 stick the “Happy”. Make sure half the word is over the edge. Do the same for “Birthday” on panel 2 and “Dad” on panel 1. Allow glue to dry.
  12. Layer a large silver foam star with a medium and stick centrally onto panel 1. On bottom right hand corner of panel 3, stick a medium silver foam star.
  13. Stand the card up and manipulate the wires so that the stars are shooting out in different directions. This will give the card more interest
Dad Starry Birthday Wishes Dad Starry Birthday Wishes Dad Starry Birthday Wishes

Top Tip

When pairing up and making the star stems, mix the colour & sizes and keep it interesting by having different lengths.

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