‘Mr & Mrs’ Jewelled Wedding Card

A jewel encrusted wedding card befitting of a sparkling occasion!

‘Mr & Mrs’ Jewelled Wedding Card

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour plus drying time for the glue

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. On the inside of an A4 silver glitter card, measure the half way point horizontally and vertically and faintly draw the lines with a pencil.
  2. Using the heart template measure up 2cms from bottom and position centrally (using marked vertical line).
  3. From the horizontal half way line only, draw around the part of the heart that goes above that line.
  4. Using a craft knife cut the top of the heart just drawn, starting and ending from horizontal line.
  5. Gently fold the card in half and that should make the heart part pop up. (Do not fold heart). When the card sits well you can ensure the fold lines are pressed harder.
  6. Rub out all pencil lines on the inside of the card.
  7. Place card flat (on the fold) so heart pops up. Position heart template on top in line with pop up heart and faintly draw around rest of heart on front of card.
  8. Using the brush tip marker pen in black, write the MR & MRS sentiment at the upper part of the heart.
  9. Now have fun filling in the heart with a mix of jewels. Use the super tacky glue to stick them down. Allow the glue to dry before standing the card up.
‘Mr & Mrs’ Jewelled Wedding Card ‘Mr & Mrs’ Jewelled Wedding Card ‘Mr & Mrs’ Jewelled Wedding Card

Top Tip

Stick the jewels around heart first to get the shape, and then fill in. If you do not feel confident to stick jewels randomly, position first so you can move around if not happy with the layout.

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