New Baby Card

Welcome the new arrival with this pretty card which will also make a wonderful keepsake.                                                                          

New Baby Card

Skill Level


Time to Make

75 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut a white piece of card 42cms x 14cms. With a faint pencil line draw 2 vertical lines 14cms from each edge. You should have 3 squares. Score those lines then rub out the pencil lines. On the left hand panel trim 0.3cms from the edge. Fold the left panel in first then the right. Flip the card over. This is the right side of the card which you should mark on the centre panel so not to get confused when making up rest of card.
  2. Take the gingham check paper and cut a square 14cms x 14cms. Using a glue stick, stick on the right side of the middle panel. On the wrong side of the middle panel stick a 14cms x 14cms piece of double sided self-adhesive sheet but do not remove the backing.
  3. Draw an 8.5cm diameter circle centrally on the wrong side of the middle panel then cut it out using a craft knife.
  4. Fold over the left flap onto the middle and flip card over. Draw around the circle edge and cut out the drawn line.
  5. Open out card, wrong side up, and peel backing off self-adhesive sheet. Take the pom pom trim and ensuring that just the pom poms hang over the edge, stick it around the circle. Make sure the ribbon part is flat when sticking down. Keep card open.
  6. Thread your needle with the silver metallic craft cord and thread through the silver spacer and alphabet beads. Cut the cord long enough to stick either side of the circle.
  7. Stick down the beaded cord slightly above centre point and not too taut. Cut 2 tabs of self-adhesive tape and stick over ends of cord which will secure it better.
  8. Carefully fold the left panel over onto the middle panel and stick down firmly.
  9. Turn the card over to the front and stick 4 patterned buttons one in each corner.
New Baby Card New Baby Card New Baby Card

Top Tip

If you do not have a compass or template to draw circles use whatever you have around you e.g. small lids, plates.

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