Jazzy Birthday Candles Card

This jazzy candles birthday card using pattern and colour is bound to brighten up someone’s special day.

Jazzy Birthday Candles Card

Skill Level


Time to Make

90 minutes plus glue drying time.

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. On a white piece of board card, draw a rectangle 29.5cm x 13cm (this is the main card). A square 10cm x 11cm (this is the topper). A strip 1.2cm x 30cms (These will be the candles). For the sentiment topper, 2 rectangle pieces of 10 x 3cms and 9cm x 2cm and finally for the card stand a rectangle of 20cm x 8cm. Cut these all out using a craft knife.
  2. Take the main card piece and on inside measure 12cm down from edge and draw a faint pencil line. Score, fold on the line, then rub out the line.
  3. Cut a piece of patterned paper 12cm x 13cm and stick with glue stick on the smaller folded part of the card.
  4. Cut the wavy black/white pattern paper 6.5cms x 13cm and stick it down at the base of the card on the longer piece.
  5. Take the white card strip for the candles and cut into 5 pieces – 1 each measuring 7cm, 6.5cm, 6cm, 5cm & 4.5cm.
  6. Choose 5 patterned papers and using glue stick, stick a strip on each. Allow to dry then cut around strips using craft knife.
  7. Take the square topper and apply self-adhesive sheet to the back then stick to top of the folded card, ensuring there is an even 1cm border all around.
  8. On the back of candles stick ½ a self-adhesive dot pad at each end. Stick them, evenly spaced and in line on the white card topper.
  9. Draw a colour in the wick and flame using the felt pens and outline.
  10. Take the 2 pieces of white card for the sentiment topper. On the larger piece stick onto plain coloured paper, allow to dry and cut around using craft knife.
  11. On smaller topper, stick down onto larger piece, ensuring an even border.
  12. Write ‘birthday wishes’ sentiment using sparkle glitter pens. Allow to dry before sticking ½ dot pad in each corner and 1 in the middle. Stick centrally onto wavy patterned part of card.
  13. Cut a 13cm piece of pom pom ribbon and stick flat edge on inside lower edge of flap part of card, allowing only pom poms to show on right side. Use super tacky glue for this.
  14. Take the final piece of card which is the card stand and fold in half. Score and fold the edges by 1cm and stick 2 strips of self-adhesive paper on those folds.
  15. Line the folded edge with the base of the card at the back and stick folded edges together onto back of card.
Jazzy Birthday Candles Card Jazzy Birthday Candles Card Jazzy Birthday Candles Card

Top Tip

When choosing the patterned papers for this card, make sure they work together. Layout and see what colours /patterns complement each other best.

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