Miniature Easter Scenes

Create your own little scenes with colourful Easter eggs and Fimo clay models. The 3D frames can be hung individually or as a group for a miniature Springtime display.

Miniature Easter Scenes

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour + drying time for paint + baking time and cooling for Fimo clay

How to Make

  1. Paint the inside of an oval box and a matching lid. Leave to dry. Add a second coat of paint if you need to.
  2. For the Easter bunny, roll 2 x 1cm balls for the head and body then gently press together. Blend some white Fimo with a tiny amount of red to make a pale pink. Cut 2 ear shapes from flattened white Fimo using a modelling tool then add pink pieces to the middles, pressing down and shaping the ears with the tool. Press ears in place on the head. Check the bunny will fit inside the box before baking it.
  3. Oven bake Fimo models at 110ºC for 30 minutes on a baking tray or tile, following the instructions on packaging. Leave Fimo to cool before handling. Paint the eyes or use a thin pen.
  4. Make the Easter eggs from acorns. Rub fine sandpaper over the acorns remove the sharp tops. Holding the acorn cup, paint the top part in a bright colour, then leave to dry. Add another coat if you need to, then paint a spotted or striped pattern on the egg.
  5. For making the nest, cut a Mini Nest in half, curl it round and glue it inside the bottom section of the box. Glue the eggs inside the nest so the acorn cups are hidden as much as possible.
  6. Glue the Fimo bunny inside the lid section of the box leaving enough space for an egg on one side.
  7. Add a small amount of dried moss to both boxes to fill any gaps and to cover the acorn cups. Position the moss around the eggs with a cocktail stick. Add small satin flowers to decorate.
  8. Make a small hole at the top of each box. Positioning the hole in the centre and towards the front edge makes the box better balanced. Thread some raffia or ribbon through the hole to hang the boxes up.
Miniature Easter Scenes Miniature Easter Scenes Miniature Easter Scenes

Top Tip

Lightly sanding the acorns with fine sandpaper make it easier to apply paint over the surface.

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