Lino Print Bird Card

With only a few supplies you can create your own striking artworks and designs by carefully cutting them into the surface of a piece of lino and using inks to make vibrant prints

Lino Print Bird Card

Skill Level


Time to Make

45 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Using the pencil and template provided sketch out the bird motifs onto the lino with the pencil. Carefully with the lino cutting tool work around the design to neatly carve away the lino and create the outline for the design. Work with the smaller cutting tool blades when cutting close the the lines of the design for greater accuracy and switch to the larger size blade for larger areas.
  2. Working with the larger motif first, apply a thin layer of ink to the surface of the design using one of the rollers. Position onto the surface of the card and use the second (clean) roller to work over the design to imprint the motif onto the paper. Carefully lift the lino block and allow the ink to dry.
  3. Using the smaller motif and using the same principle apply the ink and print the pot ifs to the design using the rollers. Allow sections to dry before adding the next motif to avoid smudging.
  4. Once the inks of the design have fully dried, use the end of the paintbrush to add neat dots of ink to accent the printed motifs. Once dried neatly trim the paper around the motif and position to the centre of the card blank and secure with paper glue.
Lino Print Bird Card Lino Print Bird Card Lino Print Bird Card

Top Tip

The design is created by removing the lino around the motif to create an outline that is in relief. Work slowly and carefully to cut away the unwanted lino.