Mother’s Day Frame

Tell your Mum how much you love her on Mother’s Day with this lovely DIY frame.

Skill Level


Time to Make

35 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Take a sheet of white paper and cut out a square that is 9cm x 9cm. Use a purple deco pen to write 'Home is where my mum is' onto the white square.
  2. Line up eight purple craft sticks on a flat surface so that the longest edges are touching. Then glue the square paper onto the sticks in the centre.
  3. Take four more purple craft sticks and glue them around the white square, framing the edges, making sure all of the sticks are glued together.
  4. Use two more purple sticks to make the triangular roof shape. Glue the top two tips together and then the bottom tips to the back of the frame.
  5. Cut a triangular shape out of some light pink paper, so that it is the same size as the roof. Then turn the frame over and stick the pink triangle to the back of the roof section of the frame.
  6. Hold the frame up at the angle that you want it to stand, then take another purple stick and glue it onto the back of the frame as a stand.

Top Tip

You can make multiple frames, some with nice messages and some with lovely photos.

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