Falling Leaves Jar

Celebrate autumn with a lovely autumnal snow-globe effect jar.  Simple and fun to make, and entertaining too as you watch the leaves gently fall.

Falling Leaves Jar

Skill Level


Time to Make

25 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Take a brown pipe cleaner and fold it in half. Then twist the ends together to make a shorter, stronger pipe cleaner.
  2. Trim the pipe cleaner so that it is about the same height as the jar. Then unwrap the ends slightly and fold them outwards.
  3. Wrap another pipe cleaner around this one, and fold the end out at the bottom, then trim it to the same length as the other two ends. This will help to keep the tree standing up.
  4. Take another brown pipe cleaner and cut it in half. Then wrap it around the tree to create a branch. Repeat this until you have about three branches on your tree.
  5. Take the lid off of the jar and turn it upside down. Then use the glue gun to stick the three ends of the pipe cleaners (at the bottom of the tree) to the inside of the lid. Wait until the glue has fully dried.
  6. Fill the jar with water, leaving about 2cm at the top. Then add some leaf sequins to the jar.
  7. Put the lid onto the jar, pushing the tree inside the jar. Then use the glue gun to secure the lid in place.
  8. Shake the jar and then watch the leaves fall.
Falling Leaves Jar Falling Leaves Jar Falling Leaves Jar

Top Tip

Try not to add too many leaves as they can clump together which will ruin the effect.

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