Felt Autumn Coasters

Give teatime a woodland feel this autumn with these easy to make fun felt coasters.

Felt Autumn Coasters

Skill Level


Time to Make

15 minutes per coaster

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make


  1. Cut a toadstool shape out of a sheet of red felt, about 11cm tall. Then place it on top of a sheet of white self-adhesive felt and use a pencil to draw around the stalk of the toadstool, then cut this shape out.
  2. Stick the white stalk to the red toadstool shape. Then cut out five small circles from the sheet of white self-adhesive felt.
  3. Stick the circles to the top of the toadstool.


  1. Cut out a fox head shape from a sheet of orange felt, approximately 11x11cm.
  2. Place the fox head shape onto the back of a sheet of white self-adhesive felt and draw around it with a pencil. Then cut out a semi-circle on each side of the fox’s face.
  3. Stick the two white shapes either side of the fox’s face, then cut out two small triangles to for the inner part of the ears, and stick them to the inside of the fox’s ears.
  4. Use a black pen to draw the eyes and nose.


  1. Cut out a leaf shape from a sheet of dark green felt, about 11x11cm.
  2. Use a yellow deco pen to draw a line down the centre of the leaf.
  3. a line from the centre going to the each of the tips of the leaf. Then draw some smaller lines coming off of these ones.
Felt Autumn Coasters Felt Autumn Coasters Felt Autumn Coasters

Top Tip

You may need to re-outline your design twice with the deco pen to ensure the design really stands out.

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