Easter Garden Decoration

A miniature house and garden makes a perfect Easter centrepiece for a table, windowsill or mantelpiece.

Easter Garden Decoration

Skill Level


Time to Make

1.5 hours + drying time for glue and paint.

How to Make

  1. Assemble the base for the kit by pushing the 2 x side sections and the front section in place to make the garden and fence.
  2. Mark 4cm lengths onto some wooden craft sticks with a pencil. Cut the sticks with strong scissors and smooth any rough edges with sandpaper. Glue the sticks along the front section as a garden fence and leave to dry. It takes 10 or 11 pieces to cover the fence.
  3. Cut more wooden sticks for the door and the roof so they fit together, glue in place then Leave to dry. Trim and sand any overhanging pieces.
  4. Mix up some paint colours to make pastel shades by adding White to Leaf Green and Yellow.
  5. Paint the garden base and house then leave to dry. Add another coat if necessary then leave to dry. Paint the door, fence and roof in Sky Blue.
  6. Squeeze some glue along the roof, around the door, the bottom edge of the fence and in the garden. Press some dried moss onto the glue.
  7. Glue paper roses onto the base and house then leave to dry. Glue patterned buttons to the door and roof.
  8. To make the rabbit’s body, brush glue over a wooden person then press white tissue squares over the top to cover it. Add more layers if you need to. For the rabbit’s ears, glue 2 white tissue squares together to make a thicker layer then cut out 2 ears. Glue 2 smaller pink tissue pieces in the middles, pinch the ears to shape them at the bottom then glue onto the head. Glue 2 paper arms to the body then paste some coloured tissue paper squares over the top for the waistcoat. When the glue has dried, fill in the face details with thin pens.
  9. Push the base section and the house together. Glue more moss and roses in the corners. To add the fluffy chicks, squeeze glue onto the roof and fence then press them in place. You could fill the garden with mini eggs!
Easter Garden Decoration Easter Garden Decoration Easter Garden Decoration

Top Tip

For sticking the roses to the house and base, the thin wire on the back of the flowers can be pushed behind door and roof. In some places it may be easier cut off the wire to glue them in place.

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