Easter Egg Holder

These ceramic containers make colourful decorations for the home and garden and are ideal for holding Easter chocolates or little eggs.

Easter Egg Holder

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour + drying time for paint

How to Make

    1. Before you start, remove the string from a ceramic bird feeder.

    2. Mix up some porcelain paint for covering inside the shape. To make a pale blue, mix Ivory and Lapis Blue. To make a light green, mix Ivory with Olivine Green and Citrine Yellow. Paint around the inside of the ceramic shape and leave to dry.
    3. Mix another colour for the outside. Brush the paint smoothly over the shape and leave to dry then paint the underneath. Leave to dry.
    4. Mix some paint for the pattern on the outside. Paint details with a brush or add dots with a cotton bud. Leave to dry.
    5. Thread a piece of twisted paper cord in a matching colour through the holes in the top.

Follow instructions on the packaging for baking the porcelain paint if you need them to be washable. Otherwise, you can leave them unbaked.

Easter Egg Holder Easter Egg Holder Easter Egg Holder

Top Tip

Before you start painting try a small amount of the mixed colours onto paper to check it’s the right shade. Practice painting the patterns before doing the finished version.

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