Interactive Spring Paper Plate Scene

Kids will have great fun making and playing with this spring-themed paper plate interactive scene.

Interactive Spring Paper Plate Scene

Skill Level


Time to Make

45 minutes + drying time

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Mix some white and blue paint together to create a light blue shade, then cover a purple paper plate with this paint. Leave to dry and add another coat if needed.
  2. Mix some green and yellow paint together to make a lime green, then cover the back of another paper plate with this paint and leave to dry.
  3. Once dry, cut the green paper plate so that you are left with just the bottom third of the plate. Then cut a zig-zag line across the top to make it look like grass.
  4. Use deco pens to draw flowers, clouds and a sun onto the upper section of the blue paper plate.
  5. Use double-sided tape to stick the green plate to the bottom of the blue plate, making sure you only add tape to either side and not the bottom of the plates.
  6. Use coloured paper and double-sided tape to make a butterfly and a bumblebee. Then stick these to the top of a blue wooden craft stick.
  7. Push the end of the craft sticks underneath the green plate and through the gap at the bottom.
Interactive Spring Paper Plate Scene Interactive Spring Paper Plate Scene Interactive Spring Paper Plate Scene

Top Tip

If the wooden sticks aren't long enough, just stick two together lengthways using double-sided tape.

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