Daisy Chain Garland

Create this gorgeous daisy chain garland on the go – no glue or stitching needed!

Daisy Chain Garland

How to Make

  1. Using the template as a guide cut out your felt pieces in preparation – you will need 8 blue felt stems, 8 orange outer flower heads, 8 white inner flower heads, 8 yellow middles, 8 pairs of leaves and you’ll also need 16 pieces of turquoise string about 10 cm long.
  2. Fold each flower head part in half and cut a small 0.5cm curve (like half a smiley face) in the centre.
  3. Take each blue stem – about 2-3 cm from the bottom cut a small slit (about 1.5cm) and another two smaller slits (one above the other) about half way up.
  4. Construct the flowers by feeding the circular end of the blue stem through the orange, then white, then yellow flower parts. Do this to all 8 stems.
  5. Link each flower together by threading the stem of one through the bottom hole in a stem of another. Like a traditional daisy chain! Continue until they are all linked.
  6. Using the turquoise wool, thread it through the two middle holes in the stems, lay the leaves over the top and tie a little knot around them with the wool to hold them in place.
  7. Lastly add the finishing touches with the turquoise thread by tying around the middle of the flower heads.
Daisy Chain Garland Daisy Chain Garland Daisy Chain Garland

Top Tip

Use sharp scissors to cut your felt for nice clean edges.