String Patterned Box

String spirals and coils are an effective way to make an intricate pattern for a decorative box or book cover.

String Patterned Box

Skill Level


Time to Make

45 minutes + drying time for paint and glue

How to Make

  1. Brush paint over a keepsake box. Leave it to dry then turn over and paint the back. Check all the surfaces and inside edges are covered. Add another coat if you need to then leave it to dry.
  2. Lightly draw some pencil guidelines for your design on the box lid. Simple circles or outlines for the main shapes are enough, you don’t need the details.
  3. Cut some pieces of cotton string 30-40cm in length. Squeeze Super Tacky Glue over the outlines, then press string around the edges of the glue. Coil and press down any left over string inside the shape.
  4. Continue to squeeze glue and press string inside the shapes. Try making the outlines thicker by pressing extra pieces of string inside the outer ones, or add coils and spirals inside the main shapes. Use the end of a brush to help push down the string and keep it in place.
  5. When the glue has fully dried, lightly brush white paint (or a pale colour) over the box and over the string pattern. Keep the paintbrush fairly dry so it’s easier to control the amount of paint being applied.
  6. Add a simple painted pattern around the string design using a small brush or a cotton bud.
String Patterned Box String Patterned Box String Patterned Box

Top Tip

For a muted background, mix in some white paint with a colour. For a greyer tone, mix in a small amount of black. Darker background colours work best so the string patterns stand out clearly.

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