Bark Beach Huts

Create your own beach hut decorations using the texture of natural bark for a weathered effect.

Bark Beach Huts

Skill Level


Time to Make

45 minutes

How to Make

  1. Draw a symmetrical beach hut shape onto a bark square. Use the full 10cm height of the square, with the roof angles 5cm in length. Cut out the beach hut with strong scissors or secateurs, then lightly paint a pale colour over the bark using a dry brush so the paint isn’t too runny.
  2. Using a different piece of bark, cut 2 x 1cm wide strips for the roof then trim to size with angles at each end. Glue the roof strips along the top of the hut, with a 1cm x 1cm square to cover the join at the top.
  3. Cut a 3cm x 6cm bark door. You could use the reverse side of the bark square so the colour stands out against the painted hut, or choose a contrasting piece of textured bark. Glue the door onto the hut.
  4. Glue together 3 small strips for the steps. Glue them under the door with the bark edges facing outwards. Add 2 small strips on either side of the beach hut base.
  5. Glue small shells to the beach hut as decoration. You could add thin twisted sticks around the door with a small section for the door handle.
  6. Lightly brush the door, roof, steps and shells with white paint or a pale colour. Glue a piece of jute twine to the back so the beach hut can be hung up.
Bark Beach Huts Bark Beach Huts Bark Beach Huts

Top Tip

Choose thinner, smoother textured bark squares for making the beach huts, as they are easier to cut through and have a more even surface for sticking down the doors and shells.