Leaf Frame

Dried leaves highlighted with paint make a decorative picture frame border.

Leaf Frame

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 minutes + drying time for paint and glue

How to Make

  1. Remove the acetate and backing section from a wooden frame then sand around the edges so they are smooth.
  2. Paint the frame white. Check the inside and outside edges are covered. Leave to dry. Add another coat of paint if you need to.
  3. Select some leaves to decorate the frame. Place the leaves into a dish with water for about 10 minutes help soften and uncurl them. Lift the leaves out of the water then place onto some paper towel to drain them.
  4. Paste Super Tacky Glue over the frame then start to layer the leaves. Brush over the leaves with more glue as they as pasted down. Leave to dry.
  5. Very lightly brush white paint over the leaves to highlight the veined pattern and the edges.
  6. Brush a layer of varnish over the frame to seal the surface. Leave it to dry. Replace the acetate and backing with a picture inside the frame.
Leaf Frame Leaf Frame Leaf Frame

Top Tip

For a more defined pattern on the leaves, paste them onto the frame with the veins facing upwards so they can be highlighted with paint.

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