Wood Chip Coasters

Make a set of coasters with simple and effective designs using natural materials.

Skill Level


Time to Make

45 minutes + drying time for paint and varnish

How to Make

  1. Rub the coaster with a medium grade sandpaper to smooth down the surface and around the edge.
  2. Mix white paint with a small amount of a colour to make a pastel shade. Paint the coaster and leave to dry. Paint the reverse side and add another coat of paint if you need to. Leave to dry.
  3. Sort the branch chips into different shapes and sizes. Select some chips to make patterns and arrange them onto the coaster then glue in position.
  4. Paint a simple pattern around the branch chips using a small brush or a cotton bud. Leave to dry then brush over the coaster with varnish. You could also glue a felt circle onto the underside.

Top Tip

Once youÂ’ve selected some bark chips for making a design, smooth with sandpaper before sticking them onto the coaster.

What You Need

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