Heart Keyring

Baked Fimo is hard and durable, making it an ideal material for these key rings. The designs can be adapted and customised into a personal gift for someone special, especially for Valentine’s Day.

Skill Level


Time to Make

45 minutes + baking time for Fimo and drying time for varnish

How to Make

  1. Use fine sandpaper to smooth around a wooden heart key ring to remove any rough or uneven edges. Open out the jump ring and remove the chain from the heart. Paint the top, leave to dry then paint the sides and back.
  2. To make a Fimo heart using a single colour, cut off 1.5 strips from a Fimo block. Knead the Fimo to soften it then shape it into a ball. Flatten the ball between the palms of your hands then pinch one side into a point for the bottom of the heart. Press the Fimo to make a triangular shape then use a modelling tool to make a 1cm cut at the top. Press and smooth the Fimo until you have a heart shape.
  3. Cut a small piece of baking parchment and place it over the painted wooden heart with the edges taped onto your work surface. Place the Fimo heart onto the paper to check the size; the heart needs to be slightly smaller than the wooden shape, so the hole is uncovered to allow the jump ring to be replaced. If the heart looks too small or it needs adjusting, press and smooth the Fimo until you have the right sized shape.
  4. Make a texture or pattern on the heart with modelling tools. To make circle patterns, use the end of a pen or a pen lid pressed into the surface of the Fimo.
  5. Bake Fimo in a preheated oven at 110C following instructions on the packet. Allow to cool before handling.
  6. Brush gold paint over the top of the Fimo heart, leave to dry then add a layer of varnish.
  7. Replace the jump ring with the keychain through the hole in the wooden heart then glue the Fimo heart in place.
  • To make variations in the designs - for a heart with 2 colours, use 1 Fimo strip for each half of the heart then press them together.
  • Small details like stitches and patches can be added using small strands and thinly flattened pieces of Fimo pressed onto the heart.
  • To make a ‘LOVE’ banner, cut a flat Fimo strip then press use the flat end of a modelling tool to make the letter shapes with straight edges and a straw to make the ‘O’. When the Fimo has been baked, brush over the letters with paint then wipe away any excess from the surface. Glue a sparkly gem onto the heart as extra decoration.
  • Top Tip

    Leave your Fimo hearts on the baking paper so they can be put straight onto a baking tray or tile, which can be transferred into the oven. This avoids having to lift the Fimo and helps it stay in shape.

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