Wooden Heart Candle Holders

Try making your own stunning candle holders inspired by the bold lines and simple patterns of Scandinavian decor.

Wooden Heart Candle Holders

Skill Level


Time to Make

20 minutes + time for drying paint

How to Make

  1. Smooth down any rough edges on the heart with fine sandpaper.
  2. Paint the heart with white paint. Paint the edges and the base. Leave to dry and add another coat if you need to.
  3. Decide which Deco pen to use for your design then lightly draw a pattern onto the heart with a coloured pencil in the same colour. Use the candle hole in the middle as a guide for your marking out the design.
  4. Outline the edge of the heart and around the candle hole with a Deco pen. Keep the lines smooth and regular. Check the pen lines have dried before resting your hand over the top. You could place a piece of paper under your hand so the lines don’t smudge.
  5. Go over the pencil line design with the Deco pen to finish the design. Add a pattern around the edge.
  6. When dry, place an LED Tealight in the middle of the heart.
Wooden Heart Candle Holders Wooden Heart Candle Holders Wooden Heart Candle Holders

Top Tip

To make drawing easier, rest you hand on a book so it is raised up to the same level as the Heart Tealight Holder.