Santa Mug Hugger

Keep your drinks extra warm this Christmas with this cute Santa Mug Hugger.

Santa Mug Hugger

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut a red sheet of felt lengthways so that is is the same height as your mug. Then wrap it around the mug and trim it (if necessary) so that the felt overlaps by just over an inch.
  2. Cut one end of the felt two create a thinner rectangle, this will be the part that will go through the mug handle and should be about three inches long.
  3. Cut out two thin strips of white felt and stick to the top and bottom of the red felt using double sided tape. Then cut out a thin black strip from the black felt and stick it to the centre of the red felt.
  4. Cut out a small square from some yellow felt, then cut out another square from the middle. Stick this to the black strip to create the belt buckle.
  5. Use the red, white and black felt to create two arm shapes, then stick them to the felt either side of the belt buckle.
  6. Sew a button to the other end of the red felt, where the felt overlaps when it is around the mug. Then cut a small slit in the opposite end of the red felt (the smaller rectangle shape) which the button will attach to to hold it on the mug.
Santa Mug Hugger Santa Mug Hugger Santa Mug Hugger

Top Tip

Get an adult to sew the button on because the needle will be quite sharp.