Folklore Floral Heart

Try painting simple flower shapes onto a wooden heart as a quick and easy way to create a folklore-style decoration.

Folklore Floral Heart

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour + drying time for paint

How to Make

  1. Smooth the surface and edges of a wooden heart with fine sandpaper. Push a thin skewer through the hole at the top then paint the heart on both sides and along the edges. Rest the ends of the skewer between 2 jars so the heart can dry.
  2. Use a pencil to lightly draw the position of 2 small hearts onto the painted background. Fill in the hearts with pink or red paint. Leave to dry.
  3. Cut a ‘C’ shaped section from a cardboard tube. Brush paint along the edge of the card then press it onto the background to make the stems for the leaves. Turn the card the other way around to print a stem print facing the opposite direction, so you have a symmetrical design. Paint small leaves along the stems. Leave to dry.
  4. Use a pencil to lightly draw small circles onto the background as a guide for positioning some of flowers. Start painting the flowers onto the background by pressing the end of a small brush dipped in paint onto the surface to make a petal shape. Repeat to make 5 or 6 petals on each flower. As you paint each petal, turn the wooden heart background round so this is easier to do.
  5. Fill between the bigger flowers with smaller flower shapes. Mix white with coloured paint to make lighter shades.
  6. Add dots into the middles of the flowers using a cotton bud or the end of a small brush dipped into paint. Print a pattern around the edge of the heart using a cotton bud. Add tiny dots around the hearts with a cocktail stick dipped in paint. Leave to dry.
  7. Thread a piece of coloured cord through the hole in the heart. Thread some wooden beads onto the cord then tie a knot to make a loop.
Folklore Floral Heart Folklore Floral Heart Folklore Floral Heart

Top Tip

Before working on the heart, try painting onto black paper to practice making the flower shapes.

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