Jewelled Christmas Tree Card

Add a dazzling effect bringing a touch of magic to this Christmas tree card using beads, gems and star gems.

Jewelled Christmas Tree Card

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour 40 minutes plus glue drying time

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut out a dark green piece of board card 20cm x 20cm. Mark the centre & score. Rub out pencil lines.
  2. Take the green glitter tape & one side at a time, stick down aligning the edges to create a border. Cut the tape using a craft knife when you get to the end of an edge. Overlap over previous tape to start a new border line.
  3. Cut a white glitter card piece 17cm x 9.5cm & a self-adhesive sheet in the same size. Stick the sheet onto the back of the glitter card, remove backing & stick the glitter card onto the front of the green card within the border.
  4. Make a triangle template, 12cm centre height x 7cm base line. Centre it onto card front. Base 3cms up from the base edge of white glitter card. Lightly draw around it in pencil.
  5. Using the gems, beads, sequins, stars & jewels, fill the triangle to form the tree. Ensure you have a good balance between colours & shapes.
  6. Rub out the pencil lines as you go along as it will be harder to do so once the gems are stuck down.
  7. On gold glitter card draw & cut out a star for the treetop. Use a craft knife for precise lines. Stick a self-adhesive dot on the back of the star & stick on treetop.
  8. For the sentiment topper cut a piece of white glitter card 7.5cm x 2cms. Using a fine tip black pen, write the sentiment. Allow the ink to dry.
  9. Stick 3 self-adhesive dots on the back of the topper, centrally position under the tree & stick down.
Jewelled Christmas Tree Card Jewelled Christmas Tree Card Jewelled Christmas Tree Card

Top Tip

When creating the tree it may help to lay out the gems, stars etc. before sticking down so you can move them around until you are happy with your layout.