Hanging Snowflakes Card

Design and stamp your own patterned card to use and make fabulous Christmas cards with.

Hanging Snowflakes Card

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour and 30 minutes plus glue drying time

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Take the dark grey sheet of board card and draw a 20cm x 25cms rectangle (This is your main card) and a 25cm x 3.5cm strip (This is for the top of the card). Cut out both using a craft knife.
  2. On the main card mark the centre and score. Rub out the pencil lines. On the wrong side of the strip draw a line marking the centre point and draw another 2 lines, 4.5cms either side of the centre line. Score those 3 lines. Fold the centre line (wrong side together) then fold each of the 2 lines (right side together). When you open out the folded strip it should look like the letter ‘M’.
  3. Take the silver glitter card and draw a strip 20.2cms x 2.3cms. Cut with a craft knife.
  4. Cut self-adhesive sheet pieces for all the glitter card pieces and 2 pieces for only the end sections of the card strip. Stick the self-adhesive pieces onto the card strip ends but do not remove the backing.
  5. Lay the card strip flat right side up and take one of the bigger silver glitter card pieces, remove backing and starting on the left side stick down leaving an even border all around. Continue in this way for the other 3 pieces making sure all are aligned and have even borders throughout.
  6. Paint 3 wooden snowflakes with the silver decor pen, on both sides and allow drying. Make a glue/water mix (not too runny) and paint on snowflakes (one side at a time), sprinkle with iridescent white glitter. Shake off excess and allow drying before repeating on the other side.
  7. Cut 3 pieces of sewing thread. Take a snowflake and apply a dot of glue in the centre. Lay the end of a thread in the glue and then place a small jewel on top. Press down to stick well. Do this for all snowflakes and when glue has dried, stick a jewel onto the other side too, but no thread.
  8. On the inside of the card stamp /draw/paint/ design using whatever medium you have chosen. Do this also for the front of the card.
  9. Write/stamp/print your sentiment message at the bottom of the card using your preferred medium, going over both sides to balance out the card.
  10. Take the card strip and lay flat with the wrong side up. Place one of the snowflakes on the centre fold (as if hanging) with the thread on a strip. Place the other 2, 2.5cm either side of the centre fold. Vary the lengths of all 3 and when you are happy with the layout stick down the threads with sticky tape. Cut off any excess thread.
  11. Lay the main card open. Peel off the backing from the strip and starting on the left hand side, align the top and side edge, stick down the strip. Repeat this for the right side. Stand the card up and allow the snowflakes to hang.
Hanging Snowflakes Card Hanging Snowflakes Card Hanging Snowflakes Card

Top Tip

You can use all sorts of objects for stamping/printing including foliage.