Gnome Pine Cone Decorations

Make a group of these festive fellas to brighten up your Christmas tree

Gnome Pine Cone Decorations

Skill Level

Beginner. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Use a mug to draw a circle onto a piece of felt and cut it out, then cut it in half. Roll the half circle to form a cone shape to create the hat and secure in place with a dab of glue.
  2. Draw a small circle onto pink felt and glue to the top of the pine cone, slip the hat onto of the cone so that it is part covering the pink circle and glue in place.
  3. Position a white mini pom pom onto the top of the hat and use a small dab of glue to secure it. Add a pink mini pom pom to the centre of the pink circle to create the nose and glue in place.
  4. Working in small sections, position some snow around the face to create the beard and glue in place.
  5. Cut a 10cm piece of ribbon, fold in half to make a hanging loop and glue the cut ends to the back of the felt hat. Position a small square of felt over the ribbon ends to neaten and glue in place to finish.
Gnome Pine Cone Decorations Gnome Pine Cone Decorations Gnome Pine Cone Decorations

Top Tip

Use small amounts of glue when securing the elements to the cone to prevent them from being visible on the finished gnome.