Candy Cane Mice

Add some sweetness to your festive decorations with these cute mice with candy cane tails

Candy Cane Mice

Skill Level


Time to Make

15 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Using our templates for the mouse body and ears, draw around these on the felt. Cut out 2 felt body shapes and two ear pieces in same coloured felt, and two smaller inner ear pieces in a different coloured felt.
  2. Stick the two ear pieces in place with double-sided tape on one of the felt body shapes towards the pointed nose end.
  3. Using double-sided tape around the body edge, attach the two body shapes together leaving the body hollow and a gap at the base of the mouse to insert the candy cane.
  4. Attach the two inner ear pieces to the ears as shown with double-sided tape.
  5. Cut a tiny circle of the same colour felt as the inner ear pieces for the nose and stick on the tip of the head.
  6. Using a black marker, create two small black eyes.
  7. Insert the Candy Cane through the gap at the bottom of the mouse into the body section as shown.
  8. Hang on the tree or give as a small festive gift in your Christmas card.
Candy Cane Mice Candy Cane Mice Candy Cane Mice

Top Tip

Using a similar design format, why not create a whole range of candy cane Animals such as cats, dogs etc.