Flower Phone Case

Gift your mum this colourful felt flower phone case for Mother’s Day to show her how much you appreciate her!

Flower Phone Case

Skill Level

Medium - Hard

Time to Make

30 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Use the template to cut out the phone case from pink felt, 4 hearts from purple felt, 2 hearts and a stalk from green felt and a circle from yellow felt.
  2. Thread a needle with a length of light pink embroidery thread and make a secure knot on one end. Fold the pink felt cut out in half (the back will be longer than the front). Starting at the back, begin sewing them together with small stitches.
  3. Using super tacky glue, stick and assemble the flower onto the front of the phone case.
  4. Sew a blue button close to the top, at the front of the phone case with pink embroidery thread.
  5. Create a small slit in the middle of the flap of the phone case. Make sure this is wide enough for the button to fit through.
Flower Phone Case Flower Phone Case Flower Phone Case

Top Tip

When gluing the flower, you can put paper inside the phone case so that the glue doesn’t seep through and stick the inside of the phone case together.