Interactive Flower Paper Plate

Kids will have great fun making and playing with this garden-themed paper plate interactive scene.

Interactive Flower Paper Plate

Skill Level

Easy. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

30 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. First print out the template and colour in one of the characters.
  2. Then take two paper plates, the plate that will be your sky cut ¼ off the bottom.
  3. The plate that will be your grass cut roughly 1/4 off the bottom (this is the bit you will use) making sure it will overlap the missing quarter from your sky plate.
  4. Take your grass plate and stick it to the sky plate with glue dots at the edges only
  5. Then cut out your character and stick them onto the plate towards one side
  6. Now its time to make the flowers. Take a green wooden craft stick for each stalk and layer the flower stickers to make beautiful blooms at the top.
  7. Then stick a stalk sticker onto the stick to create leaves
  8. When you have two flowers you are happy with choose two flowerpot stickers and stick them on the grass where you want your flowers to grow.
  9. Then post your flowers into the gap between the grass and sky moving them up and down from the back to make the flowers grow.
Interactive Flower Paper Plate Interactive Flower Paper Plate Interactive Flower Paper Plate

Top Tip

when sticking the flower stickers to the lolly stick leave the back on the first one and use a glue dot to stick instead so that the back of the flower is not sticky.



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