Earth Day Windsock

Celebrate Earth Day by recycling your cardboard tubes and creating these fun colourful windsocks.

Earth Day Windsock

Skill Level

Easy. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

20 mins (plus drying time)

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Firstly, paint the cardboard tube white, using a paintbrush.
  2. When the white base coat is dry paint it blue.
  3. For the land, paint irregular shapes with dark green paint using a sponge dabber.
  4. When the paint is dry, sponge light green paint on top of the dark green areas.
  5. Cut 3 lengths of blue crepe paper and 3 lengths of green crepe paper (2 cm width).
  6. Stick the crepe paper strips inside the bottom of the windsock using super tacky glue. Remember to alternate colours.
  7. For the handle, draw and cut a rectangle (2cm by 11cm) from green card.
  8. Stick the handle inside the top of the windsock.
  9. Repeat for the recycle windsock design.
  10. Hang outdoors!
Earth Day Windsock Earth Day Windsock Earth Day Windsock

Top Tip

Use dark green and light green paint to give the land a realistic appearance.